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Vehicle identification number (VIN)  


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Vehicle identification number (VIN) — a unique vehicle code consisting of 17 characters. The code contains information about the manufacturer and characteristics of the vehicle, and the year of manufacture. The code structure is based on ISO 3779-1983 and ISO 3780 standards. you can
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Identification numbers are applied (stamped) on non-removable components of the body or chassis and on specially made license plates (nameplates):
on the frame of the front door (usually the driver's, but sometimes the passenger's);
on the dashboard near the windscreen;
directly on the engine (stamped on the front of the engine);
on the thermal insulation partition;
on the inner arch of the left wheel;
on the steering wheel / steering column;
on the bracket supporting the radiator;
in the vehicle passport, vehicle registration certificate,
warranty card/technical inspection card, or car insurance policy.