About us

A modern Women’s Institute for local ladies to learn new things and meet new people

The Tooting WI (Women’s Institute) is a local group of London women who meet regularly to socialise, learn and connect. We have fun while also supporting local communities and wider campaigns.

The Tooting WI Committee

  • Becky, President and Founder
  • Waverley, Vice-President
  • Jo, Secretary
  • Lyndsey, Treasurer
  • Sarah, Assistant Treasurer
  • Kim, Meeting and hospitality coordinator
  • Jo, Communications coordinator
  • Lorraine, Marketing and website coordinator
  • Cassie, Social Media coordinator and book club leader
  • Louisa, general committee member.

Each year members vote for a committee to oversee the organisation of events and day-to-day running of Tooting WI. Our 2022 committee members are:

Can I join the Committee?

Yes! We welcome new committee members, so contact us if you’d like to give us a little bit of your time. We meet (virtually for now) once a month, ahead of the main meeting for an ongoing organization of all of the upcoming activities.

What is the WI (Women’s Institute)?

The Tooting WI is part of the Women’s Institute (WI) – the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK. Although our Tooting group only started in 2017, we’re part of a strong female community that is much bigger and older …

The WI was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then, we’ve changed a lot, and our aims and membership have broadened. We welcome all women of all ages to share experiences and learn from each other.

Our campaigns tackle issues that matter to members. From equal pay to climate change, mental health and violence against women, over the past 100 years our members have embraced a diverse set of challenges. The WI has brought about real change – and we are just getting started. Find the latest campaigns the WI is tackling here.

Read more about the WI and our regional office, the Surrey Federation on their websites.