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Ask Her to Stand: Five fast facts on Parliamentary gender imbalance and the path to progress

Hot on the heels of International Women’s Day, we were thrilled to host 50:50 Parliament for an informative and inspiring March meeting. In the 100th anniversary year of the female right to vote it couldn’t be more relevant that while the quest for gender equality has come so far, it is not yet over. Parliamentary gender balance is a crucial next step forward and 50:50 Parliament is dedicated to the mission of ensuring the British population is represented by the best mix of perspectives and talent by encouraging women to stand.

Campaign founder Frances Scott shared the following startling facts with members and guests:

  • 51% of the British population is female
  • Yet only 32% of MPs are female and studies show women are half as likely to stand
  • In the 2017 election only 12 extra female MPs were elected
  • None of the major political parties have a 50:50 balance
  • At this rate of change it will take 50 years to a 50: 50 balance

Here is how you can be part of the way forward: 

  • ask an inspiring woman to stand via 50:50 at www.5050/ so they can help her take the next step along the pathway to Parliament
  • Stand yourself
  • Sign the 50-50 petition – click here
  • Follow @5050Parliament on social media
  • Add your support by joining at  – let’s build a better democracy together!

Thank you 50-50 Parliament for the work you do and empowering our members with information. As a group united in the power of female collaboration, contribution and campaigning, Tooting WI is proud to spread the word of #askhertostand.