Here we hope to provide some answers to any questions unanswered from the rest of the site. Any other questions please contact us on tooting.wi@gmail.com.


Why Tooting WI?

We are a group of local ladies passionate about our local community and connecting women through fun and interesting activities. Our member base is very diverse and we provide a varied programme of main meetings, clubs and other meet ups.


When and where are the main meetings?

Meetings take place the second Wednesday of every month and we’re currently running them virtually via zoom due to COVID restrictions. Ordinarily, the meetings take place at Holy Trinity Church, Upper Tooting Road. We also hold a range of clubs to connect members on common interests and members also gain access to a range of events held by the Surrey Federation. Join our mailing list to stay updated with the full calendar.


What kind of activities happen at meetings and how many people attend?

Each month we have a different focus, drawing upon a range of ideas submitted by our members. The aim is to be as varied as possible so members can learn new things discuss topical issues, get involved in the community and socialize. Visit What’s On section for more information on our 2021 programme.


How many members do you have and are you accepting new members?

We currently have over 50 members and welcome more so please do come along. You can try out the meeting as a guest and sign up at any time throughout the year.


How do I join and how much does it cost to join?

The cost for an annual membership is £44 from April 2021 to March 2022 and if you join during the year that fee will be at quarterly pro-rata fee. See more information in our how to join page.


Can I try a taster before joining?

Of course! You can attend any of our meetings as a guest (donations welcomed) and our committee are happy to answer questions or introduce you to others.


I’m not good at baking/crafts/making jam – is the WI for me?

At Tooting WI we have yet to ever hold an event on baking or making jam! We are modern group and create a modern programme of events. From campaigns on topics of national interest to learning new things, the aim is to connect ladies on a range of themes and activities – from calligraphy to sustainability.

Of course if you do like craft we have a club to connect you with other members and we also have annual baking stall to raise funds at Tootopia.


I don’t know anyone else there and I am nervous to attend…

Don’t worry, we are a very friendly bunch and many people attend without knowing anyone else there. Activities encourage people to mingle and our committee also make a point to assist new joiners.


Is there an age limit? What’s the average age of your membership?

There is no age limit – we are inclusive organization and welcome ladies of all backgrounds and ages.

Our members span a wide age range. The largest age group is 30-45 but we develop our programme to cater for everyone and ensure activities provide ways for everyone to mingle.


I’ve never been a member of the WI before, does that matter?

Not at all, many of our members are first time members. Our committee is happy to help you settle in too.


Do you have clubs to join?

We currently have a Craft Club, Supper Club and a Book Club. We are also open to ideas from members interested to set up clubs – once you are a member this is your organization to contribute and provide input to.


Can I bring my pet along?

Unfortunately our regular venue for meetings does not allow pets. However for meetings taking place outside or at other events you are welcome to check with the venue and bring your pet along, under your supervision.


Can I bring my child along?

We want to do whatever we can to make it possible for local ladies to take part in our organization. It is best to let us know ahead of the event if you are bringing your child so we can address any health and safety issues and make sure everyone is comfortable. Please contact us on tootingwi@gmail.com or via social media.


Can I bring a friend to a meeting?

Of course, if they are not already a member can come along as a guest (donations welcome).


What happens to my data?

All data is stored in a secure database provided by the WI and is handled according to UK data privacy legislation.


How can I start a club?

We would love for members to start new clubs. You simply need to let us know what you are interested in setting up so we can tell other members about it at the next meeting and through email or our website. Please contact us on tooting.wi@gmail.com.


Can I join the Committee?

We currently have space for a couple of new Committee members. Committee members meet once a month, ahead of the main meeting for an ongoing organization of all of the upcoming activities.