More about our meetings

When and where do you meet?

When: The second Wednesday of every month at 19:30. We usually end by 21:30.
Where: Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Road, Tooting, SW17 7RH
This is an accessible venue. We try to ensure that all of our activities are as accessible as possible, but get in touch with us if you’re unsure about attending or have specific requirements.

Read more about our programme for 2023 – 24 monthly meetings and clubs.

Who can join?

We welcome women of any background or age. We’re very inclusive and friendly.

Some of us work and some are retired. Some of us have kids, and some of us don’t. Some of us live in Tooting, and some of us are from other bits of London. Quite a lot of us are in our 30s and 40s, but we’re actually a mixed bunch.

Many of our members are ‘first time’ WI members who have never made jam and can’t bake or knit 😊

What happens at your monthly meetings?

We meet up to learn new things, chat and unwind in a friendly environment. Each month has a different focus, drawing upon a range of ideas submitted by our members. We discuss topical issues, and get involved in the local and WI community .

I feel a bit nervous about coming!

It’s very friendly and relaxed. Many of us joined as individuals, without knowing anyone else … so we’ve all been new too ! Committee members are there every meeting to welcome new people, and introduce you to others.

Not all members come to every single meeting, so there’s usually a mix of steadfast regulars and newer/occasional members. The committee members will help answer your questions and help new members.

You can try a ‘taster’ session as a guest to see what it’s like (with a small donation welcome). Contact us to find out more.

Can I bring a friend or guest to a meeting?

Of course. Contact us to let us know that you’d like to bring a guest to join a meeting. We don’t expect them to become member straight away, but a small donation would be appreciated.

Can I bring my child to a meeting?

We don’t typically have children at our meetings, and not all events or activities are child-friendly! Although we want to make it easy for all members to take part in the organisation, we may need to address any health and safety issues and make sure that everyone is comfortable. Contact us in advance if you would like to bring your child to a meeting or event.